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Our Approach

You could also call this heading "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." Action speaks louder than any ideas. With many years of experience and fantastic mentors onboard we really look to help aspiring younger entrepreneurs to get started or to grow their businesses faster. this is doable, teachable and scalable. We hope to help people all over the world to make entrepreneurship to a fantastic career opportunity where we can help others and the world to become a better place.

We have from day one decided to make a difference hence the name Entrepreneur4Good we have partnered with an organisation that focus on IMPACT in charitable ways linked to the United Nations Global goals. (

Our Story

Our story really starts in the middle of the countryside where our dad Fredrik grew up. His curiosity took him all over the world helping others. Now tapping into all the experiences, knowledge and connections and making it accessible. The things we don't learn in school that would prepare us not only to get a job are here with Junior MBA. We get up in the morning to grow and help others to grow so that together we can show the world what younger people can do and make the world a better place. 

Meet the Team

We are real, down to earth and ready to help you!
Why? Because we can and we care.


Fredrik Sandvall

Founder & MD

Serial entrepreneur, first company at 17 years old in media, second in property, then consulting followed by more property businesses.

Plus advisory and minority shareholding in credit brokering, property systems/outsourcing, property management and trading platform for high voltage products.

Millionaire making mentoring and coaching in property and business.

Dealmaker and negotiator.

20 years+ of educational and management experience

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Ivan Sandvall

Co Founder

Healthy as few, love outdoor sports, hiking, climbing and taekwondo. Likes to be on stage and not afraid of asking the right questions.

Born in Sweden has lived in Lebanon, Israel and United Kingdom. He is now back in Sweden and likes travelling.

Ivan is having a lot of creative ideas and is also happy to share them.

He is also a keen table tennis player and a snowboarder.

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Charlie Sandvall

Co Founder

Charlie has also lived in the same countries as Ivan. He has always two years of head start on Ivan as he quickly picks up what Ivan does even if he is two years younger. This also includes the Blue belt in Taekwondo.

Charlie is a great negotiator and well rounded supporter who can adjust easily to other tasks.

He should be in 4 grade in Sweden and has moved up a year and is just about to start year 8th maths.

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