Timing, luck and chance

Can you change the outcome of events? 


We are strong believers that you can change your own luck. One tiny example of that is the more skills you have on a satisfactory level the more likely you are to react and capture opportunities.

Mindset: OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE what does it say? Stop the negative programming, look for opportunities everywhere because they are there.

Timing is key many great entrepreneurs can say thank you very much in terms of timing of their idea or go to market strategy. The same idea at a different time might not have worked at all. Still you can position yourself to be more likely to have the right timing. Education, connections and a futuristic forecast can help a lot.

Chance or luck the harder or smarter I work the luckier I get. have you heard it before? We all know people who are unlucky or just attract problem. We want you to be on the other end of the scale: lucky and attract solution or opportunities.

We are happy to help you find your lucky strike. Or if you know anyone else who can help you do ask for help people are generally happy to help if you dare to ask.

Mindset is a key component of the Junior MBA training, breaking boundaries, find a new way, be a trailblazer, creator and be the star you can be. You are perhaps a rough diamond who has not got the best feedback in school? We know many successful entrepreneurs who did not succeed in school (we want you to use the time in school to the best you can of course) who still have made it on a big scale.

Your time is now, if you waste it then that is your choice. If this is something you really want to do then your first task is to learn as much as you can. When the time is right for you of course try to see us, we are happy to help when we can.

Dare to do it – take the plunge!

All the best from Charlie, Ivan and Fredrik Sandvall

Junior MBA – Entrepreneur 4 Good