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We are happy to share ideas of entrepreneurs, mentors and smart people for you all 🙂 Check it out!

Fun Learning Start Earning with Junior MBA

10 years from now would you like to look back at your own business or a lost opportunity? Building your own dream or someone else's?

Take the first steps or refine your early stage business with clarity around key questions all successful entrepreneurs need to answer (Including Who is your best customer? Why do you want to do it? Which kind of business? What to sell?)



International speaking

We love to share ideas and often combines this with travel. Fredrik has worked in 37 countries and Ivan and Charlie have already got enquiries from Malaysia, New Zeeland and Australia.

Feel free to contact us for a bespoke presentation.


Podcasts on itunes and Stitcher

Connect for updates on launch 🙂 We also welcome entrepreneurs and speakers to directly approach us.


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We do not offer to mentor usually but would consider extraordinary talents to support. Fredrik mentors several up and coming entrepreneurs in property and other sectors. this used to be his job as a consulting partner.


Next Steps... We like action takers and now it is up to you to ask us for help

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